How to sue a town or a village
suing a local town government - suing a city
how to sue the state
You can sue City Hall. The only problem is that it’s going to be a little more
aggressive than many other types of lawsuits. Town and village governments,
municipalities, and city governments do not like to be sued. No one does, really. But
these entities will often go to extraordinary lengths to discourage your lawsuit.
People who sue city hall often encounter tough legal resistance. While cities and
towns don’t have a problem in taking money from their citizens in the form of traffic
fines, sanitation fines, housing code violations, or other forms of enforcement, they
don’t like to give money back to people who have hurt themselves on city buses or
ice covered city sidewalks.
A lawsuit against a city government can be a bitter and long fight. Their in-house
attorneys can put up a barrage of motions. Motions are demands made to the court.
They may be made to obstruct, impede, or otherwise discourage a plaintiff from
suing. Lawyers for a municipality can also wage an aggressive campaign of
discovery. This is where their requests for information can become intrusive,
unjustified, and burdensome. Some attorneys for plaintiffs consider such an
endeavor to be a “fishing trip,” where the municipality abuses the discover process
to impede a lawsuit.