How To Sue
How To Use The Legal System Intelligently - How To Be A Successful Plaintiff In Our Court
System - Navigating The Difficult Hazards and Pitfalls of Our Justice System
Someone can go to law school for three years and study bookshelves of case law about
corporations, divorce, negligence, and bankruptcy. However, much of the “nuts and bolts” of what
it takes to be good at suing people, employers, or government organizations is learned in real life
legal battles. This involves issues that range from the psychology of litigation to the strategies for
dealing with adversaries of overwhelmingly more powerful resources.  
As the quality of life for the average citizen declines, people are being forced to fight
for their rights in our
court system with increasing regularity…  against neighbors,
business associates, insurance companies, over-aggressive debt collectors,
employers, corporations, or municipalities. In supreme court, civil court, and small
claims court, people are taking the law into their own hands and representing
themselves as pro se plaintiffs.    
Not everyone who brings a lawsuit achieves the same results in our justice
system. Just pick up a newspaper or go on the Internet and see how our legal
system works. It seems like someone can win a multimillion dollar lawsuit because
a bakery didn’t warn her that chocolate chip cookies are fattening. It seems that
someone who spills hot soup on himself can win a million dollars because the
cafeteria didn’t warn him that the soup was hot and he burned himself.
How do
these people win their lawsuits? Are they different than the rest of us?
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competent attorney for questions they may have about the law.
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The new book Twelve Qualities
of the Successful Plaintiff
outlines the attributes possessed
by people who succeed in our
legal system.
Twelve Qualities of
the Successful Plaintiff
written to give people insight into
what it takes win as a plaintiff in
our justice system.
The following
illustration might demonstrate
why it can be valuable to
understand how this "so-called"
justice system of ours works.

John was a patron at a restaurant.
A waitress accidentally spilled hot
soup on him, supposedly
resulting in permanent and
traumatic injuries. Although the
incident never prevented him from
living a full and active life, he
collected two million dollars in a
settlement. What a happy ending!

Here’s another story. Mary worked
for a construction company and
fell off a scaffold, where she was
crippled and left disabled for life.
Through some aggressive
maneuvering by the attorneys for
the construction company, and
through some misguided things
Mary said before she knew her
rights, she was left out in the cold
with a $10,000 settlement. What a
disgraceful ending!

After his wife wept crocodile tears
on the witness stand, John now
lives a happy life with barely a
scar to show for his alleged
anguish, spending his days
surfing the Internet, managing his
newly acquired investment
portfolio, and planning vacations
to Cancun and Orlando with this
family. Mary lives in a basement
apartment, and eeks out a living
delivering supermarket flyers in
the morning and pizza at night,
and is on the verge of eviction.
She is essentially destitute and
will live a life of quiet desperation
after this travesty of justice.

What set John and Mary apart?
John knew how to conduct
himself as a successful plaintiff,
while Mary did not. Do you want to
learn more about this legal
system that rewarded John and
screwed Mary? Then read
Qualities of the Successful
. The book is intended to
prevent victims from becoming
the “Marys” of this world in our
twisted and perverse legal